Prospect Hill NA

The Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association has been active since 1969. It was reactivated in 1999. The main focus of the organization is public safety.  We get involve in general neighborhood issues mostly involving Safety and Beautification issues.  We have established a good working relationship with various Police Departments and have COP members in our membership.  We also are involved with code compliance, Zoning, and other matters that may adversely affect the livability and the safety of the residents of the Prospect Hill area.

The following are articles covering various topics concerning Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association, and were mostly found in the San Antonio Express News.

If there are any corrections or additions you would like to contribute, please contact us by email.


Increasing Crime Concerns Residents of Prospect Hill

Online Extra: Letters to The Editor – Handle Graffiti Problems on Case-by-Case Basis

Online Extra: Letters to The Editor – Put More Police in high-Crime Areas First

Just Admit The Error: Needy Folks Denied Aid

Transportation Hub Discussed

National Night Out Observances Set For Tuesday



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