Online Extra: Letters to The Editor – Put More Police in high-Crime Areas First

Re: “Chief wants to forge partnerships” (Neighbors, Aug. 2):

Sounds good that City Councilman Chip Haass wants the city to hire 100 officers and continue until we catch up with what is needed. The only thing I would recommend is that most of the new officers be assigned to the high crime areas first.

After a similar meeting that Chief William McManus had with District 5 leaders last month, I noticed a significant amount of patrol officers in the area and other police presence, and it deterred crimes and cleaned the hot spots that had been identified to the chief. This is what we had been asking for for quite some time, and many people are grateful to see the improvements that have come from it. This proves that additional patrol and SAFFE officers in our neighborhoods can positively affect our crime rate.

Historically, high crime rates come hand in hand with areas where there is a high percentage of people living below federal poverty levels. I believe this is true for certain areas of District 1 and various areas of District 5.

Many more police officers are needed, but first in the areas needed where they are warranted.

Jason Mata,

Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association



Web Posted: 08/13/2007 2:00 CDT


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