Just Admit The Error: Needy Folks Denied Aid

I commend the editorial “Slow down effort to privatize benefits” on House Bill 2292 and the devastating effects it has had on the state’s working poor and destitute.

I have been out to several local Health and Human Services benefits offices and have seen and heard the despair that this change in the delivery system has caused the needy people who are there for help and instead get denials and rejections.

I communicate with people who are in need of social services almost on a daily basis. For many years, I have been amazed at how many have experienced barriers keeping them and their children from much-needed services such as food stamps, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. It seems these barriers have discouraged participation statewide.

Merchants such as grocery stores and medical service providers should also feel the disparity, if they haven’t already.

We are trying our best to continue to educate the public about how and why these ill effects are continuing to happen. Keeping this issue spotlighted, as the Express-News has done, is gratefully appreciated by me and many others.

Jason Mata, community activist, Prospect Hill area



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