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National Night Out Observances Set For Tuesday

Criminals beware: communities across the nation are rallying their troops against you. More than 115,000 San Antonio residents are expected to join the millions nationwide who will gather outside to fight crime

Transportation Hub Discussed

Residents got to voice their opinions recently at the Avance Inc. offices during a meeting about a proposed West Side multi-modal transportation center just west of downtown. The area would be a

Just Admit The Error: Needy Folks Denied Aid

I commend the editorial “Slow down effort to privatize benefits” on House Bill 2292 and the devastating effects it has had on the state’s working poor and destitute. I have been out

Online Extra: Letters to The Editor – Put More Police in high-Crime Areas First

Re: “Chief wants to forge partnerships” (Neighbors, Aug. 2): Sounds good that City Councilman Chip Haass wants the city to hire 100 officers and continue until we catch up with what is

Online Extra: Letters to The Editor – Handle Graffiti Problems on Case-by-Case Basis

I totally agree with the City Council’s decision to table the issue of an ordinance that would mandate property owners to remove graffiti or be responsible for a $150 fee plus the

Increasing Crime Concerns Residents of Prospect Hill

Griselda Aguilar said crime isn’t the only reason her family plans to move out of the Prospect Hill neighborhood. But as she recalled a story about two prostitutes looking for a place